Some points 

I have suffered significant and substantial disrepair and safety issues in the property since the first day that I moved in. All of these issues were raised with the landlord and include the following:-

  1. No meet of regulation of HMO by law and no HMO licence for years 
  2. Overcrowding
  3. Mice and Rat infestation. Life risk
  4. Water leaks 
  5. Water leaks that meet live electric wires - Life risk
  6. Lack of fire protection facilities and regulation
  7. Fire protection regulation not met.
  8. Lack of hot water and central heating.
  9. Significant and substantial disrepair.
  10. Lack of cooking facilities.
  11. Lack of cleaning facilities.
  12. Lack of security.
  13. Unauthorised entry to the property.
  14. Harassment in few ways for long time 

Many of the above are well backed by proofs in the forms of; documents, pictures, videos, text messages communication, and other records and will be presented in court if and when will be requested.  

Here Comes Another Text Section

As mentioned before, these text sections are multi-purpose. At this point on the page, we've highlighted the main features, introduced the product and presented some social proof. Many readers will still need a lot more convincing before they are ready to buy.

A text section like this is great for describing your product in detail and telling a story about the benefits it will bring to a customer. It is also a good idea to address potential objections that are on your reader's mind (e.g. "will this really work for me?") in text sections like this.