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25 March 2022

On the date Friday 25_March_2022 

The FIRST Outdoor Harassment, Coercion, Threatening,  Humiliating, Blackmailing!

It's Time to Start Addressing The Judges In The Court Last-Minute Objections.

Please note!

I have broken down March, April & May with all proofs/testimony attached so you can see the insane sequence of pressure that was put towards me from Mrs Simcha Levy and Mr Elijah Levy and other members of the family together and each by him/herself.  that includes….

25 March 2022. Friday morning time

On the date Friday 25_March_2022 morning time

The first face-to-face event is where the following acts took place; arguing, harassment, coercion, threatening, humiliating, and blackmailing. -  Straight after the agreed period for rent, three months via a combination of work + and job cost I did for almost free on my behalf, giving with the additional £540 I deposited to Simcha Levy bank account that makes three months and covers the part of the rent that was set to be 25/March/2022. And after Mrs Simcha Levy  made an attempt to confuse me with rent payment time as seen on section 10. Mrs Simcha Levy and Mr Elijah Levy now came and demanded that now rent will be £780. 

It was shocking to me the amount of greed and immorality. 

This morning, On Friday, 25_March_2022, while Daniella, my future fiancé, was visiting me from abroad - Elijah came and knocked on the slightly open glass door. I could see that Mrs Levy Simcha also stood outside. Mr Levy Elijah was standing outside near the door, and Mrs Levy Simcha was standing inside their newly built extension facing us in what looked like she was ready to get involved in the conversation. My future fiancé Daniella and I, Tomer Levi, We were getting ready for the day. I opened the door, and the conversation started:

Me: “Hello” 

Elijah: Good morning. How are you 

Me: Good, thank you, How can I help 

Elijah: We want to tell you that from now on, the rent will be £780. 

Me: What?! It can not be more than £680 as agreed. It is not fair what you are saying.

Elijah: It is what it is. Take it or leave it. Plus, now you have someone with you here, and this is not AirBNB or a hotel.

Elijah: You also have a washing machine that you use here.

Me: "The washing machine was here from the begging as part of the rent". "Besides " > I Pulled out my laundry bag - “I never wash here, I am using laundrette service and never used your machine. I do not know how it works at all and the machine is not even connected!.

Quick Note 

* Please understand that My future fiancé Daniella is near me in what room is in its size is a car size garage, so My future fiancé Daniella sees Mrs Elijah Levy and hear Mrs Elijah Levy and vice versa! I was humiliated and shocked altogether.

I looked at Simcha while she was still on the doorstep of the newly built extension and asked her; 

Me: What is going on here. where this demand came from?

She stretched out loudly, as almost shouting; 

Simcha: "Nothing going on here. £780 is the price from now, and if you do not want you can leave" 

And then it hit me. It was all well planned from advance. It was clear that I was subject to abuse.

I was trying to speak to her heart and made yet another attempt;

Me: "Simcha, you are a religious person, and we agreed £680 plus I did the job here fixing that cost me money from my pocket as you did not pay on top of the time of my own time.

At this point, Simcha started to shout. Simcha shouted at me while Elijah was next to us, trying to justify it by supporting her by not saying anything, not a word. 

Simcha shouted: "I got confused and made a mistake, I made a mistake with the price. People can make mistakes. And regarding your job, you did it for yourself!"

Quick Note

* I could not avoid connecting the dots and I found the same pattern to where Mrs Simcha Levy was hiding and not telling me about the condition of the bathroom and toilet. Neither Mrs Simcha Levy or Mr Elijah Levy forgot to tell me the garage is not legal to rent base of not Suitable for human habitats according to Barnet Council as I later discovered and learned as Mrs Simcha Levy and Mr Elijah Levy pressure on me kept increasing and forced me to do digging in regard to my deposit money where I found out it never was protected by them according to the law in one of the Client Money Protection Schemes (CMP). more on these two later.  

I was about to reply, and at that same moment, her husband got into the house and never came out of the house again that day.

I left with Simcha outside, and My future fiancé Daniella was inside sitting on the bed

Me: Simcha, after two months from doing an expensive job I did almost for free on my behalf and after we had an agreement for £680 that your husband signed and you didn't because you told me "we have trust it's enough he sign”.  You came telling me that the rent will be £780?!.

I  am shocked; there is no reasonable reason for this price rise attempt other than that you know from the beginning that your shower had a few problems, something that you hid from me, and now you understand you can charge more; I can understand that. But the job price came after our agreement. So from there, to deny our contract? How can you do such a thing morally?

*Simcha ignored the first part of the question and said:

Simcha: "You do not have any contract."

Me: You were with us when your husband signed.  I left you one of them with your husband. 

Simcha: You are lying; where is it? Show it to me.

Her comment strikes like an aggressive punch to my face.

Me: “I have it on my computer. I will need to look for it”.

Simcha still aggressive: "Where is the paper? I want to see it on paper”. 

Me: “I automatically scan documents and sorting them when I find the time. I have it on my computer. I will need to look for it”.

Me: “You and your husband have a copy, go look at that. Me, I work paperless as I said. I scan documents and never hold papers. The whole world works like that”.

Simcha: Moved near the glass door and almost looked inside the room "You are lying, you will probably make one on the computer."

This second comment was another aggressive strikes to my face. I realising they both playing the game on no agreement.

This interaction felt like a lifelong experience and was done with a lot of pressure, threatening, intimidating, harassing and mainly humiliating from both of them next to My future fiancé Daniella. 

I needed to take a step back and relax. I felt so not on my plate and completely drained.

Me: “I will find it for you later and show it as you wish”.

The conversation ended.

Quick Note 

* Please understand that My future fiancé Daniella is near me in that garage room, so Daniella My future fiancé sees Mrs Simcha Levy and hear Mrs Simcha Levy. 

I was shocked and was wondering if the fact that her husband disappeared at that moment was part of a game. However, this denial of a fixed term 18 month contract used as a base to illegally raise the price of the rent to the level of ongoing  harassment, coercion, threatening, humiliating and blackmailing! and breaching my right for peaceful living.

It looked non-other then, "Let's let him fix our bathroom and then raise the rent price, and if he disagrees, we will kick him out at all cost. It came to be accurate, as you will see as evidence will show. They both constantly tested if they could cheat and manipulate - this cost me a lot of stress every day and every month, and still going. 

Quick Note 

* It was clear they deny contract and pretending they have no copy of it. I was not worry about it as beside verbally agreement all my transactions of £680 from the beginning of it was for this amount. so they can not say something else was agreed. On top of that in a later voice massage from 24 August - 13:01 that he made sure to delete after for few reasons (Open in new page to listen)  where yet another coercion from Mrs Elijah Levy he actually admit that £680 was agreed. In his voice massage he dose not miss the opportunity to try to confuse me and claim that what was agreed was two years ago while only 9 month passed. you can jump to this message by clicking here

Later that day I came back by to the place and searched for the agreement on my computer. The same agreement they worked hard to deny this day. when found the document that was scanned my jaw dropped and a couldn't  believe my eyes. The agreement I handed  to Mr Elijah Levy the other day where Mrs Simcha Levy called me to come next to her and kept me busy in useless conversation and told me "we have trust between us, we do not need a contract"  while Mr Elijah Levy signed the agreement had no signature initials on any of the papers and the signature it self was S. Levy -  Mr Elijah Levy took the chance and trust I was manipulated to buy and wroth Fake signature in the main place where signature goes!

From that day on I was not feeling safe anymore. My thoughts and plans about bringing my kids around to spend time together went down the drain, and I completely lost trust in them.

Main Takeaways.

  • Mrs Simcha Levy demanded an additional £100 as soon as the job to fix her broken shower and toilet was completed and done by me and at my cost. Straight after the agreed period for agreed payment of 3 months via a combination of work giving with the additional £540 that makes 3 months This covers the three months at £680 x 3 = £2040.
  • Mr. Elijah Levy fraudulently signed the agreement under a false name. Not his own name.
  • Mr Elijah Levy disappeared into the house as soon as Simcha Levy denied the fixed term 18 month contract and by doing so Mr Elijah Levy confirmed he was part of a game. Mr Elijah Levy also denied a fixed term 18 month contract by himself on a few other occasions.  
  • This denial of contract was used as a base to illegally raise the price of the rent to the level of ongoing harassment and breaching my right for peaceful living for nine months and beyond. (Note! - A separate claim has been put in place for the husband) 
  • Mrs Simcha Levy and Mr Elijah Levy together tried to force me to pay £780, and next to my future fiancé Daniella. ( Not anymore fiancé as she decided to leave shortly after the second face to face event). 
  • Mrs Simcha Levy and Mr Elijah Levy cooperating not only on the denial of agreement. But also on the level of repeatedly demonstrated lying, harassment, coercion, threatening, humiliation, and blackmail. Mrs Simcha Levy and Mr Elijah Levy not for the first time demonstrate and deliberately put into practice these acts only to force me to pay more or to leave.
  • They are in violation of the agreement and other aspects of the law.


Quick Note! Due to the involvement of both on an equally manner. A separate claim has been put in place against Mr Elijah Levy.  

March 2020 proofs

25 March 2022

Daniella FIRST witness statement

for event that took place Friday 25_March_2022.

It's Time to Start Addressing The Judges In The Court Last-Minute Objections.


Firstly. Please before you start; A- read thoroughly below the Green "14 New & optimise version 1- The FIRST Outdoor incidents / events" for my side of things. Look at screenshots to refresh memory. B- Watch the 10 min of the barrister below about Explanation on witness statement from min 01:40. 

After that..

1. Open witness testimony statement doc. Type the details in the blanks. finally type in your version of things as you member them.

2. Writ the as the same in hand writing. 

When done with the above 

3. If you can, print and sign, scan and send me.

4.  If you can not do 1 please let me know and I will send you E-Sign doc Version.

5. Please record a short video of your testimony, 1-3 min is more than enough.

6. Photo from your passport where the date of entry to prior to 25_March_2022 can be seen.  

7. IMPORTANT! Write a few questions that come to mind, and you think you may be asked by the defendant or court and may put doubt in your testimony. I will make sure to add more after I give a barrister to do a case assessment and will add them there, so you have it handy just in case the court wants to hear you on the hearing day.

8. Finely. I am on a big screen, please take note if one of the audio not showing correctly on your screen and let me know. 

Explanation on witness statement from min 01:40

End of March 2022 events

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