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Mary Smith. Simple Higher Awareness

In many studies emotional stress was identified as another key risk factor.

In other words, external stressors that are not effectively managed have direct internal implications. The effect of heart activity on brain function has been researched extensively for the past 40 years.

In general, emotional stress – including emotions such as anger, frustration, and anxiety gives rise to heart rhythm patterns that appear irregular and erratic.

In contrast, positive emotions send a very different signal throughout our body. For example, when we experience uplifting emotions such as appreciation, joy, care, and love. However, none of these studies, (fact or implications) managed to find their way into the modern school education system. It appears that the Simple Higher Awareness is left to the individuals to be learned by themselves.

Simple Higher Awareness - Improve The Quality of Your Life
Some versions of modern practice contain reworkings of ancient spiritual traditions. Practices vary from wholly secular, exercise, relaxation, way of thinking, nutrition, self development and many many philosophies, teachings and practices.

The Truth is that there is not one answer to improve the quality of your life

Small digestible content is the key
to an individuals attention spans as they lessen each day, especially online. In fact, Some studies claim that our attention span is about 8 seconds, maybe 12 on a good day.

We at Mary Smith think that nothing should be left out when it comes to these important tools and skills that were forgotten by the education system. On one hand they are presented by so called teachers and gurus in a form that is either starchy or expensive.

We at Mary Smith think that small & simple digestible content is key, since we are all unique and smart enough to develop our own style. Therefore, our mission is only to open your eyes & mind to the must-have skills that everyone needs in this present day and age.

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